Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some great Sites

There are some really cool people in this world who have written some very good tutorials on the net. I will try to collect their tutes and keep them organised in this post. Keep checking out for updates:

  • icodeblog : This guy is awesome!! He keeps all his tutorials updated and also replies to all kinds of questions you put forward.
  • iphonedevcentral : These guys had put a brave front even before the NDA was dissolved. A great source of info for anyone.
  • appsamuck : This is a great initiative. These guys had a plan of building one iPhone application a day and giving out the source code for free. Check this out!
Apart from all this, you have the great library of documentations which Apple provides. Though cumbersome and confusing as hell, these documents will give you huge help while developing apps. So start reading them.

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