Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some great Sites

There are some really cool people in this world who have written some very good tutorials on the net. I will try to collect their tutes and keep them organised in this post. Keep checking out for updates:

  • icodeblog : This guy is awesome!! He keeps all his tutorials updated and also replies to all kinds of questions you put forward.
  • iphonedevcentral : These guys had put a brave front even before the NDA was dissolved. A great source of info for anyone.
  • appsamuck : This is a great initiative. These guys had a plan of building one iPhone application a day and giving out the source code for free. Check this out!
Apart from all this, you have the great library of documentations which Apple provides. Though cumbersome and confusing as hell, these documents will give you huge help while developing apps. So start reading them.

The Basics

I have decided instead of trying pull the world apart, let me make something new for a change. I have been toying with this idea of trying to put together what I have learnt from all my experimentations with iPhone all these 7-8 months.

I would like this blog to be a repository for whatever I have learnt and in the process create a forum for people who would like to learn about this great technology. So without wasting any further words, lets start the show.

The Cost Factor

To start coding for iPhone, you need to fulfill a few pre-requisites. And like the saying "There are no free lunches on this Earth", this costs and costs a lot! To be able to start working on iPhone Apps development, you need to invest at least a cool Rs 80K in India.
  1. You will need a Mac. Though there are few ways of having the so-called jailbroken versions of the x-code and the iPhone SDK run on your PC but I would advice you to go for a Mac, its comfy. its cool and its gr8!! You can check out more at : The cheapest one comes for around Rs. 37K.
  2. You will need to join the Apple Developer Program (its free for learning, you need to have a $99 liscence to start testing your apps on the phone though). Check out more at :
  3. Finally you will need a iPhone. iPhone is the coolest thing that happened to the mobiles and you just need to have one just for the sake of having it. Anyways FYI, it costs around Rs. 30K (for the 8Gb variant). If that is too much for you then you can check out the cool EMI plan by Airtel :
You have to download the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 2.2.1 from the ADC site and install it on ur Mac. After you are all set ping me, we will start with the tutorials :).

Why the hell a new Blog!!

Well... there are tons of blogs and tutes for programming for iPhone, then why this new blog. I also asked my question a lot of times, why to encumber the net which is already buzzing with loads and loads of people working overtime to help others work on the new phenomenon called iPhone. This is also why I am starting this blog real late.

However, whenever I check the net for informations specific to India, all I can find is some jackasses either trying to sell their knowledge. I dunno what has happened to India, everyone is trying to make some quick bucks. If this is development then I don't wanna be a part of it. Period.

Anyways coming back to the topic, I have created this blog for helping out fellow Indian developers, for helping them out both with the logistics and programming. Lets hope this is a success.